Fine Bindings

We offer quarter, half, and full leather bindings.  We use the highest quality goat and calf leather in a range of different colors. Decorative and marbled papers are available for both the outside covers as well as endsheets. The final process is titling and tooling in your choice of color and to your specifications.   

Clamshell Boxes

Clamshell boxes are a beautiful and durable way to protect your book for generations to come. It consists of two trays that enclose the book and cover it on all sides.  The purpose is to provide protection from light, moisture, dust, dirt, and handling. Customers can choose their cover color, decorative or marbled endpapers and different suedes to line the box.

Our Services


Restoration includes resewing the textblock by hand, patching up and rebuilding the covers with archival materials, mending pages with Japanese tissue, etc... These repairs are more advanced and time consuming. 

Some books are in need of minor repairs such as reattaching loose pages, covers, replacing a missing spine, fixing a broken joint, conditioning old leather, or adding new endsheets. These repairs are usually quicker fixes.         

Red Fern Bindery

New Cloth Cases

Our objective is to clean and salvage as much of the book as necessary to keep it original. In some cases, the outside of the book may be in such disrepair that the boards and spine are unusable. In that case, we will make a new case out of archival book cloth in the color of your choice.