Handcrafted Custom Origami Paper Flower Bouquets

​Prices start at $35 per bouquet. A Standard Bouquet is made up of seven large flowers (5" across in width). The origami flowers are handmade and glued onto 11" green cloth wrapped floral stems. Each flower is finished with a vintage button in the center. The total length of the bouquet is roughly 13.5" long and 12" across. We can also create a variety of sizes of flowers for each bouquet to add visual interest. Depending on your order, the prices may vary. Contact us to create your own special order! To purchase an already made bouquet, head over to our etsy store @ www.etsy.com/shop/redfernbindery


​There are many reasons for choosing paper flowers over conventional, living flowers.

* Hypoallergenic- For those with allergies, these flowers are perfect as they have no pollen to attack the sinuses.

*Re-purposed- These flowers are made from 100 % recycled materials so you know nothing goes to waste.

*Long-Lasting-  Not only can you enjoy these flowers for years to come, but they can be handed down and used for future generations, even for future weddings, making them a timeless keepsake.

​*Unique to You- These bouquets are all handcrafted with no two flowers being exactly the same.  We can add different sized flowers and textures to create a bouquet that is visually stunning and purely one-of-a-kind.

Red Fern Bindery also custom creates origami paper flower bouquets for weddings, special events, holidays, and all occasions. Each petal is measured, cut, and folded by hand to create full, beautiful flowers. These flowers are created to your specifications and needs. Have a favorite book? We will source the book and use the pages for each flower. Have a specific theme or color scheme in mind? From comic books to sheet music to colored and patterned paper, we will create a one-of-a-kind bouquet unique to you. Want to include buttons or family keepsakes in the bouquet? Send them to the bindery and we will incorporate them into a beautiful work of art. We can accommodate any request, large or small. We offer bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, as well as matching boutonnieres.

Why Paper Flowers?